Exploring black holes, space, and mapping Earth

April 14, 2019: A roundup of news and perspective on disruptive technology. In this issue: the science behind the black hole photo; how Facebook is mapping Earth; private rocket science; data and privacy; the future of jobs; and EVs path to profitability

N S Ramnath


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A curated list of stories on the big themes this week

  • What the sight of a Black Hole means to a Black Hole physicist, by Janna Levin | Quanta Magazine
    • + Katie Bouman: The woman behind the first black hole image | BBC
  • The Making of the Largest 3D Map of the Universe | Watch on YouTube
  • Facebook has created an insanely detailed map of where everyone in Africa lives, by Ben Paynter | Fast Company
  • SpaceX lands all 3 boosters of the world's most powerful rocket, by Daniel Oberhaus | Wired
  • 2019 Global Human Capital Trends | Deloitte
  • Making electric vehicles profitable, by Yeon Baik et al | McKinsey
  • Are we living in a simulation? This MIT scientist says it’s more likely than not, Dyllan Furness interviews Rizwan Virk, author of Simulation Hypothesis | Digital Trends

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About the author

N S Ramnath
N S Ramnath

Senior Editor

Founding Fuel

NS Ramnath is a member of the founding team & Lead - Newsroom Innovation at Founding Fuel, and co-author of the book, The Aadhaar Effect. His main interests lie in technology, business, society, and how they interact and influence each other. He writes a regular column on disruptive technologies, and takes regular stock of key news and perspectives from across the world. 

Ram, as everybody calls him, experiments with newer story-telling formats, tailored for the smartphone and social media as well, the outcomes of which he shares with everybody on the team. It then becomes part of a knowledge repository at Founding Fuel and is continuously used to implement and experiment with content formats across all platforms. 

He is also involved with data analysis and visualisation at a startup, How India Lives.

Prior to Founding Fuel, Ramnath was with Forbes India and Economic Times as a business journalist. He has also written for The Hindu, Quartz and Scroll. He has degrees in economics and financial management from Sri Sathya Sai Institute of Higher Learning.

He tweets at @rmnth and spends his spare time reading on philosophy.

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