How to turn problems into solutions

Lessons from low-cost carriers and the gin market in India

Rajesh Srivastava

[Photograph by XianXing under Creative Commons]

Episode 7: The New Rules of Business

How do you ensure that your company retains its competitive edge? By framing a question in such a way that it captures the business problem and leads to a solution that is transformational, not incremental. In this video Rajesh Srivastava talks about how low-cost carriers identified their pain points and turned their problems into opportunities. He also talks about his own experience with similarly transforming Blue Riband gin during his stint with UB Group.

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About the author

Rajesh Srivastava
Rajesh Srivastava

Author and Visiting Faculty

IIM Indore

Rajesh Srivastava has 3 decades of corporate & academic experience. He has reenergised companies, including J K Helene Curtis Ltd., & nurtured brands like, Bagpiper whiskey, Royal Challenge whiskey, Blue Riband gin, Blue Riband Duet, Park Avenue range of deodorant & personal care products. He is part of the Visiting Faculty at IIM Indore. He is an alumnus of IIT Kanpur & IIM Bangalore. He is currently working on his first book.

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