Why shopping behaviour during Covid isn't following the recession playbook

Catch the father-and-son duo Damodar Mall and Harsh Mall on episode 1 of Founding Fuel's new weekly show, Talkin' 'Bout My Generation

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We talk about India’s demographic dividend, but how often do we really listen to the youth who we all expect will power the country?

Watch the first episode of Founding Fuel's new weekly series, Talkin' 'Bout My Generation, where the father-and-son duo Damodar Mall and Harsh Mall attempt to bridge that generation gap.

They bring their own generational lens to look at the way shopping and brand choices have changed.

Harsh, a millennial, and a digital marketer based in New York, talks about what’s going through his mind as a consumer. Why has he gone back to “comfort” brands? Nostalgia plays a role. And with brands that offer a repeatable experience, there’s a sense of security even, when there's so much uncertainty around.

Damodar, who is CEO, Grocery at Reliance Retail and is based in Mumbai, talks about what he's observing about consumers—the parallels and the differences.

What more will this churn throw up? Which changed habits will stick? What will be the winning formula for brands? Simply being desired is not sufficient for the brands; they have to "show up" to win market share.

Still curious?

  • The weekly show is supported by a column on Founding Fuel, and an ongoing conversation with the Founding Fuel community on our Slack channel. Read the first column on comfort brands
  • Read the second column on Gen-Z and the post-Covid workplace.
  • Watch out for Episode 2 on Facebook Live on Saturday July 25, 7.30 pm IST. If you haven’t registered to watch the show already, register here: https://bit.ly/FFTAMG

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