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Founding Fuel Publishing is delighted to announce a new partnership with Fewcents that will bring our premium content to you without the hassles of buying an expensive subscription bundle

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Founding Fuel is delighted to announce a new partnership with Fewcents that will bring our premium content directly to you.

Fewcents is on a mission to allow digital publishers like us to effortlessly collect small payments from our global audiences.  This allows us to focus on producing the finest, award-winning multimedia journalism.

Is Founding Fuel going behind a paywall?

Only for a select set of premium stories and eventually for all our signature specials like Masterclasses. 

Since its inception in 2015, Founding Fuel has offered free access to all its premium content, without any of the restrictions of an online subscription model. We’re tweaking that model to accept smaller micropayments for a select set of individual stories. We believe our partnership with Fewcents should give subscribers more choice and flexibility–and make it easier for us to sustain the quality of our stories.

“This way, you needn’t worry about plonking down money for expensive subscription bundles for a period of time. You pay a small amount only for stories that you like,” said Indrajit Gupta, co-founder and director, Founding Fuel.

For as little as Rs 250, you could read NS Ramnath’s deeply researched story on Sridhar Vembu’s entrepreneurial journey at Zoho or Indrajit Gupta’s exclusive inside story on the NDTV-Adani takeover, watch our scintillating Masterclass on Making Sense of Xi Jinping’s China, listen to Reliance Retail (grocery) CEO Damodar Mall as he talks about Retail Reset: Lockdown lessons from Reliance Retail, read Charles Assisi’s incisive–but scary–story on why organisations are resorting to employee monitoring in Covid times, or Sveta Basraon’s engaging travelogue on Landour.

"The partnership between Founding Fuel and Fewcents democratises access to high quality content by allowing users to pay only for what they want to consume, while ensuring that Founding Fuel has a sustainable model to continue producing great content,” said Dushyant Khare, co-founder, Fewcents.

Over the past seven years, an amazing array of fine minds—leaders from the world of business, academia, policy, entrepreneurship and the social sector—have contributed deep insights through signed articles (like this seminal essay by Arun Maira on Who do economists serve, really?) and Haresh Chawla’s column on Trendspotting 2021: Inside India’s Digital Reset, podcasts (Lulu Raghavan on the art of the hustle or Making sense of the 10-minute delivery phenomenon with BigBasket's CEO Hari Menon) and also participated in many conversations. With this deeply engaged extended network, we have been able to consistently throw light on themes that matter to you and other members of our community.

And we have a great set of stories coming up this year. So stay tuned.

OK, what do I need to do to access these premium stories?

For Founding Fuel, some of our premium content will now come with a very reasonable paywall and it couldn’t be easier to navigate. Here’s how it works: simply create a secure wallet via the Fewcents website through our content pages and begin paying for the specific stories you want, when you want.

Creating the wallet is an easy one-time process that takes under a minute. You load the wallet, and can start unlocking our stories. Your Fewcents account is integrated with hundreds of local payment methods in 80+ currencies.

How else can I support Founding Fuel?

At the bottom of our articles, there will now be a Tipjar, which you can use voluntarily to pay-as-you-wish, based on the value you’ve derived—if you feel like supporting the work that Founding Fuel is doing. Simply pay any amount that you want to show your appreciation for our work, of course, commensurate with the value you’ve gained. And if we may add, do it as often as you can. It’ll simply ensure that we continue to produce meaningful and engaging stories that you so love to read, watch and listen to.

To summarise, some of our premium stories will require a small payment—you pay only for that story, rather than an expensive subscription bundle. Much of our other stories will remain open access—with an option for you to support our work through a voluntary payment of any amount if you find it of value to you.

Every bit of your support—big or small—will help us continue to publish quality work, as we experiment with this model over the next few months.   

Warm regards,

Team Founding Fuel

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